Hexmag Offer Q&A

Why is Hexmag calling me?

You have expressed interest in selling Hexmag products, or you are currently selling Hexmag products.


What is Hexmag offering?

A free store locator service and a mobile app.


Is this service free?

YES! Hexmag is paying for the service, and you are receiving it for free.


How do I get more information?

Go to http://www.findnearme.com or call 1-877-346-3530


How do I change my password?

Go to http://admin.findnearme.com

Click on “Account Log In”.

Click on “hamburger menu” in the upper right, then click on “Account”

Click “Change your password”


What can I do with Hexmag’s mobile application?

After receiving a store locator notification, if you and the customer wish to communicate, you can text-chat in real-time with the customer. 

Otherwise, if you or the customer does not want to chat, you will receive a free monthly report about customers and the products they are interested in.


How do I chat with customers?

Download the mobile application and login.  Here is how:

Search for “FindNearMe In-Store Products” to find the app for iOS or Andriod.

Once you sign-in, you will receive a notification from Hexmag when a customer wants to locate your store.



Where do the customer referrals come from?

People on the Hexmag website who are physically located within 100 miles of your store.


Can customers get directions and other information about my store?

Yes, we give your customers a map and information about your store from http://www.google.com/business and/or http://www.yelp.com


Can I get customer referrals from other websites?

Yes, we are in the process of signing up Beretta and several other manufacturers in your industry.

Our goal is to have dozens of manufacturers signed up within the next 90 days.


Do I use my personal phone?

Yes, you install the mobile application to your phone.

But, the chat does not use your personal phone number or any personal information. 

It uses the chat feature inside the Hexmag mobile application.


Will I get notification on my personal phone when I am not at work?

No, not if you sign out and exit the mobile application.


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